1. Her Honey

'An allegory of sorts... ...on modernity...' - Herald K

© Herald K - 2019/Lyrics, Composition, Vocal, Guitar: Herald K/ Lead Guitar: Katie Kern/ Harmonica: Othmar Loschy/ Recording: Jürgen Plank, Herald K/Production: Herald K, Jürgen Plank/ Label: Lindo Records


Her Honey

Cruising in my alligator shoes
Sure brings out all of their juice
I know all the neon on the strip
I walk the walk, I keep it hip
I've done lots of bad stuff in this town
I've shook lots of sweet sugar down

I'll go see the queen, she'll give me all her money
She'll let me bathe in her honey

I'm like a children's sugartoy
They're all suckers for my joy
They crave my every bodyzone
They leave no part of me alone
I've seen my share of rough shit
Each time I trick, I die a little bit


Come dusk, they treat me like a wishing well
Come dawn, they see me as an empty shell
One thing they never do here in this place
Is take a real look at your face
Still servin' as anyone's Valentine
Soon, I'm gonna make those diamonds mine

Final chorus