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His debut album, 'Strange Delights', behind him, Herald K is now treading some new lyrical paths with 'Mythologies', planned to be released in spring 2023.

Ancient mythology and literature combined with contemporary accoustic arrangements has been something he has wanted to explore for some time. 2020, 2021 and 2022 has provided the time to pursue these ideas.

Allegory, allusion, the collective unconscious... Could it be expressed in a 3-chord song? What if an uncommon old-sounding instrument like the Nyckelharpa is added to the mix? Will the ancient allusions appeal, be made accessible? Could ancient themes in myth resonate with a modern-day audience? These are creative questions Herald K would like to explore on his latest musical project.

'My debut album took a similar path. I tried to work with some ideas I had from reading poets like Baudelaire and Ovid. Make these accessible through simple acoustic arrangements. A chord progression no more complicated than Hank Williams would have liked it, yet with lyrical content that can be literary, yet not highbrow or contrived. Kinda simple and profound at the same time.'

Photo: (c) Christina Milassin

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