1. Carpe Noctem

'I was reading a lot of Charles Baudelaire at the time of writing this song…' - Herald K

© Herald K, 2019 Lyrics, Composition, Vocal, Guitar, Percussion: Herald K/ Violin: Stephan Steiner/ Recordings: Jürgen Plank, Stephan Steiner, Herald K/Production: Herald K, Jürgen Plank/ Label: Lindo Records


Carpe noctem

Come, be drunk with me, on visions of the night,
We'll move to mystic drums...
Come, dance with me, beneath the city lights!

Let's leave this place, where daylight fades,
And go seek that spark...
That's only found in play of light and shade!

We'll go out and do some things we've never done,
And hear the universe hum...
We'll get so dizzy, that our minds go numb!

Let's lose our shame, forget our name,
And let our bodies shake,
And feel those moments when we're free,
And spend the night awake!

We'll go and listen to what nightly poets say,
We'll mingle with the crowds...
And talk and play and sing our blues away!

Let's hear, and see, and move, and feel,
And dance away the dark...
Come, roam the streets till dawn with me!


We'll pretend there is no need to sleep,
Forget the clock that ticks...
And find laughter that's so wild, we'll weep!

Instrumental verse, followed by final chorus.